Inboard Performance From An Outboard Diesel Engine

The secret behind the CXO300 outboard engine is our patented Opposed Piston Diesel (OPD) technology. Built and refined by experienced Formula 1 designers, OPD enables the four-cylinder, eight-piston supercharged 2-stroke CXO300 to achieve 1HP/KG – double the amount of a standard diesel outboard engine.

The simplicity of the design requires fewer parts; meaning less weight, less maintenance and less risk of failure. The perfect balance of the engine significantly reduces vibrations. Eliminating lubrication breakdown also prevents cylinder degradation and power loss.

The Innovations That Make The Impossible Possible

The unique design of the CXO300 outboard diesel engine combines OPD with a number of engineering innovations that come together to deliver an engine that is more than simply best in class. The CXO300 diesel outboard engine is in a league of its own.

Dependable leg technology

Based on traditional leg technology to maintain a rugged simplicity, the CXO300’s leg has been upgraded to handle the torque and durability requirements of professionals.

Centrifugal supercharger

In addition to a central fuel injector for optimal combustion, a centrifugal supercharger delivers greater fuel efficiency and is robust against water and salt ingestion.

Anti-corrosion systems

The CXO300 diesel outboard engine is predominantly oil cooled, with minimised internal surface area in contact with salt water. The lightweight aluminium alloys are protected by anodising and electrocoating. Paints developed with marine coating experts protect the external surfaces for the life of the outboard.